Sunday, March 6, 2011

Would you rather be anywhere else, at the moment?

{Forever 21: shirt, Topshop: shorts, Hue: tights, Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms: shoes, necklace: homemade from broken ring}

Today Forrest and I ventured back to Al Lopez Park (since last time was cut short due to a storm). Walking around there felt like I was out of the city and in the wilderness. On a hunt for Alligators (which we swore we saw), trying to decipher what kind of birds we were surrounded by, obsessively photographing Spanish Moss, skipping around boardwalks & reading graffiti, we had a great time. 
I'm ecstatic that I was able to finally wear these shorts I had gotten at Topshop in SOHO. I've been seeing all over the place snakeskin patterns and knew investing in shorts with this would be a great idea (convincing myself to buy them wasn't  that hard to do though I will admit). 

The necklace I am wearing I made (yes for those of you who know me I MADE something hahaha) I used the broken top from a ring and strung it with a stray chain I had laying around. Now, on to a homemade dinner; once Aladdin is done of course. 

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