Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday relaxation

Three of my favorites things at the moment have to be:

1: Dior mascara (love the way this has the perfect amount of gloppiness with the perfect amount of eyelash flair)

2: Chanel's new tinted moisturizer (water based = light-as-a feather) featured in this months Allure and Town & Country 

3: Chanel earrings (although these may not be the traditional sparkly C's, I'm okay with that, because 1. these are totally unique, 2. my ears don't match every other girls, 3. I no longer need to deal with those stupid crystals falling out and Chanel doing NOTHING about it).

Today my constant 2 month migraine has disappeared (knock-on-wood). I plan on laying out (whether it be by my pool or lazily on my porch with the window open so I could watch old Nickelodeon cartoons on Netflix) and eating a fabulous homemade dinner. 

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