Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pellegrino Tree

{shoes, shorts & shirt: Forever21; shades: Chanel}

The fact that sunsets are going to turn into a later in the evening event is something that thrills me. Does anyone else think that it is strange that over the years technology has really taken a firm gripe on automatically changing the clocks for us? Cell phones, Computers, clock radios, TV boxes and new cars (probably?) automatically change time and due to this, each year we are slowly letting ourselves forget about daylight savings.  When I was little I remember warmer weather always beginning shortly after my  mom would scramble around the house and change allllll the clocks.   Now that technology is doing this act for us who knows if in the upcoming years daylight savings will even be on our calendars?

okay so honestly I have never had a pair of shorts before that:

A] could be confused easily with a skirt
B] a crazy pattern

I was also playing in Photoshop with the Missoni Pellegrino bottle and smiled at the thought of a tree I could pluck a bottle of Pellegrino off of with ease...

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