Thursday, November 15, 2012

Report Heels

Loving these Report Heels I got for $30 bucks. CHING CHINGGGGG.  Plus the heel is shaped so seductively.... 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


| Jeffery Campbell boots, Hue tights, Juicy Couture shorts, Gap shirt, BCBG sweater, Prada sunglasses |

Ever since the air started to smell crisp and fall like, I've been wanting to go walk around in a woods like atmosphere. I guess that's the one thing I miss about State College, because wanting to do so is an ordeal in Tampa. After driving on quite an adventurous I-75 ride, we arrived at Lettuce Lake. Pretty lovely place once we got away from the people trying to run us over with 3-wheeled-lounge-chair bicycles.

These Juicy shorts I got for only $25 dollars and this BCBG fury find from last year is finally being used. strangely excited for it to get a little chillier. Actually only excited for the cold so I can finally pull out my Sulley jacket.