Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunrise sunset on repeat

The days have been running together. Without notice I've been on-the-go from sunrise to sunset and beyond. Its been hard to keep eating healthy, but I'm trying. Since I spend most of my days under florescent lights and behind a computer screen, having outdoor adventures are happening less and less. But when I saw this bumble bee let alone was able to get close enough to snap a picture without getting stung, let it be known I was so happy.  Been trying to sport this zebra Prada clutch more often. I absolutely love challenging myself with trying to shove a larger amount in into a small clutch.  Living in Florida has its perks, like hanging out on the dock and seeing Manatees play around in the canals.  recently been trying to photograph unusual and interesting greenery. These shorts from Topshop have been a challenge styling wise, but with this A&F beater I have accomplished a casual look.. now on to a more night time look. While hard work is important, it is also good to try to relax even if it is only for a few hours for one night.
Also, excitingly enough Hersh and I have become experts at catching frogs outside of his house.  Do you ever remember walking around barefoot in the summertime and washing off your feet in the shower when you got home? For some reason I just love this ritual and when Forrest and I decided to adventure down to the vending machines barefoot (mainly due to laziness), we got to do this.  Although the next few weeks are my last of college my friends and family have been making it the best.

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