Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After Dark

Here are some shots of my favorite outfits from the After Dark fashion show on the 600 block in Saint Pete. Since this was the first time that there was a fashion show on the 600 block there was a curious and eager audience awaiting the show. They were not displeased. There was such an amazing energy from the crowd which only pumped up the models confidence to a whole other level. 

simply adored this look in particular by Ramblin' Rose. Oversized feather earrings, effortlessly tangled necklaces, and a cowboy inspired as my Aunt Lizz would say "yippie ya yo" vest over a simple one piece.  This look kind of gave me a cowboys and indians playful feel. 

The MISRED section of the show was absolutely fabulous. The outfits shown above are each unique pieces chosen from the stores endless wonderment of garments. Never thought stripes and a floral pattern could look so chic. The geisha inspired red dress is so retro and perfect for sophisticated drinks on the beach.  The finale of the show which was wrapped up by MISRED's handmade feather headdress. INCREDIBLE.  

CLICK HERE for a link to the show {look for me in the pink pants snapping photos ;) }


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  1. Those stripped pants are amazing! I love the silky long look.


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