Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shoe Addiction

When friends start recognizing you out in public by what shoes your wearing, you know you have a slight problem. Apparently this addiction has been going on for a while now because while rummaging through my room at my parents house I found this incredibly intriguing and educational book solely (no pun intended) focused on crazy types of shoes. Highlighted below are a few pairs that I find uncommonly perfect and would love to add to my wardrobe. 

{David Evins was way before his time with these beaut's from 1934}

{5-inch Cromwell's that will constantly keep you on your toes circa 1890}

{Hand carved heal from a rod of Lucite, now thats sensational!}

{One of the most recognizable fashion trends from the 1970's
are extreme platforms, and nothing is more extreme then these}

{Kork-Ease from the early 1970's are back in style this fall,
these extreme platforms are sure to raise anyones mood.}

{These Lars Hagen's from '91 are phenomenally perfect in their own distorted way,
plus its tactilely tempting}

{A shoe that represents mobility, speed and grace? Count me in.
These Burmese sequined slippers once adorned the feet of royalty in the late 1800's.}

{With a Jeffery Campbell silhouette and the combo of chocolate brown
with a splash of purple, yellow and orange brings these shoes to my melting status}

{These 1990 Rodger Vivier's keep it simple
 with their wooden sole that has a sort of italic feel}

{Andre Perugia kept ladies on their toes with this curvaceous design from 1937. 
These Jan Jansen's are also pretty intereging to me only because of their Jafar likeness (yes I'm referencing Aladdin)}

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