Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inside my purse.

I think what a person carries around with them in their purse tells a lot about themselves. So here it goes:

1. Lipstick & Gloss
 I try to keep lipgloss ( Chanel) and lipstick( Dior and Versace) with me as well as eyeliner (Laura Mericer).
2. Bottle Opener:
I stole this from a mini bar in a hotel room in Sorrento. I seem to have forgotten to take it out..
3. Wallet:
I got this wallet from my mom a few years ago, it's special to me because it was my mom's first LV wallet from 30 years ago (here is the closest match).
4. Key Chain:
This is a sweet keychain from Marc Jacobs that I got as a gift. The coolest thing about it is when you blow on the gold circle and it creates a sphere that says I love you.  
5.lose change:
I seem to still be carrying around a euro in the bottom of my purse. I have this problem with throwing change in my bag instead of putting it in my wallet.  
6.Aleve & green capped jar:
I get migraines so keeping aleve near is a must for me, Also I have found this minty smelling concoction that you massage into your forehead which helps me relax. 
7. sunglasses and sunglass cleaner:
Its always sunny in Florida so sunglasses (Prada) are a everyday must. 
8. movie stubs and bottle cap:
Fun little memories that snuck into my purse.
9. keys
This PBR boat keychain was given to me by my uncle when I saw it and communicated to him that I needed it for comical reasons. 
10. iPhone 4
 My most useful accessory.

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